Mensa-300x199PERUGIA – “Sui comitati mensa la giunta ha perso un’occasione per dimostrare di essere davvero attenta alla città e ai suoi cittadini, in particolare alle esigenze di quelli più piccoli”. Così il segretario del Pd di Perugia Francesco Maria Giacopetti sull’approvazione, da parte dell’esecutivo comunale, della pratica per l’esternalizzazione del servizio di refezione nelle scuole della città. “Per mesi – dice Giacopetti – il sindaco Romizi e l’assessore Waguè hanno mimato una partecipazione sul tema, partecipazione che si è poi rivelata del tutto priva di un obiettivo concreto e condiviso, fatta solo per diluire le proteste dei genitori; un atteggiamento, questo, a dir poco offensivo nei confronti di chi da mesi è impegnato per immaginare un futuro rinnovato, efficace e in linea con le esigenze delle scuole, dei bambini e dell’amministrazione, per i comitati mensa, allo scopo di continuare a garantire a Perugia e ai suoi bambini un modello di refezione scolastica di qualità e a costi sostenibili.


  1. M.b. I’m mostly just reading along these days, sensing the number of Calvinists engaging here to be dwindling. But I diaegss.Thrnks for your comments above. One point to be clear. Doug Wilson is not PCA. Carry on my brother.Les

  2. Kurt, that’s a good point that Vincent will be able to make a count, but you never know with this guy. An alley catfight could be in the cards! Y’know, I think Topher would be fine with that sort of rough treatment from Krystin, over the mental beating he’s taking. XDTrevor, the only one for sure NOT getting any, as it were, is Sabrina. All the other Upstart girls are up in the air. Say, what happened to Sun??

  3. I’ve been paperless in the kitchen ever since I bought some napkins on clearance at Pier 1 back in 2003. It was so “not cool” back then. But I was broke and finishing school, and one day I didn’t feel like spending money on paper napkins or towels at the grocery store. So I used rags instead of paper towels, and whipped out my clearanced cloth napkins. . . and am still using those same napkins 7 years later. Go figure.

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  5. Yep, ich bin dabei :DSummer’s going to be rather business-busy what with that footie thing coming up but one episode a week I can certainly cram in. (not sure I would have been willing had it been a Lucasless season though :D)Might actually start watching 7.1 tonight after I’m done with Porter.. gives me the added bonus of taking screencaps for “art” purposes..great idea, looking forward to it.

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  7. When the earth really is flat and old prejudices disappear, everyone will be judged as equals for the content of their character and we won't need special months for so-called minority groups to strut their stuff. As a woman, I was never in favor of a woman's month…sounds sooo condescending to me–kind of as if we needed to use the excuse of prejudice as the entire reason we never became good enough to do great things. Bosh. Think about it; can you imagine a white man's history month? History is history and human beings are human beings all year long, not just for a month.

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  13. To Judy: “Do you deny the pressures of WB apartheid and the Gaza siege don’t make it even more difficult to address fundamental sexism as practiced in the culture?”Does this mean that any discussion of the horrible sexism in most Arab societies has to be qualified with “but of course the occupation…”? Like, say, the fact that women are systematically harrassed adn treated like shit in, say, Algeria?

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  15. Beth- I think your mom calling you all “good eggs” as a term of endearment is really cute! Don’t worry, I believe that you were a good egg as a child because you are a good egg as an adult! supergrandjudie- I hope that Mr. sgj doesn’t mind that we spent so much time talking about him tonight! LOL!

  16. UhOh: Strangely spelled names again. I don't know if this one has as intriguing history behind it as "Interpatation". I'll check it out though!!! He is a neat horse & did his trainer proud.

  17. These movies aren’t even in the same league. I thought it was a joke when I saw your article. Why are you even writing about something that’s not even been brought up as an arguement? I love MMA as some of your takes are ridiculous on that but “The Fighter” is a top notch award winning movie that is both dramatic and funny with one of the best acting performances in years. “The Warrior” is one long action scene of fighting. Still a decent movie but come on dude. Actually reminded me of the last 45 min of Karate Kid if I’m being honest.

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  19. my man is good and has a beautiful heart and soul. first of all it is a full moon, plus the eclipse- so today is plain crazy if you add in the snow! he had to pay a grand to get his car fixed, got harassed at work due to petty politics and had more than his share of baby mama drama.needless to say, this does not make him feel sexy- but that does not mean that he isn’t.he is as beautiful outside as inside, and could use a little pick me up.thanks for your paricipation! -G

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  23. Sending some virtual M&Ms your way!!! Upheaval and stress is just part of life, isn’t it? And if there isn’t enough, we just make our own! My hubby is applying to PhD programs right now. He’s been out of work for over 9 months, our savings is going down the toilet (the BIG potty, yes), we have two kids in college and one who just began high school, and we figured why the hell not throw ourselves a complete curveball?? I am heartened by your bravery! Go, go, GO!

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  31. Brian loves to garden. And now so does my son. The gardens I wander in and get lost and and get recentered in are my journal, my meditation, my heart, and my home. This is what regrounds me and brings me back to myself. I do love nature (hence, the barefoot barn!), but i also need to retreat from it some times. The garden of my heart and poetry — cozy places that enable me to reenter the world. Now you have me thinking about “my gardens!”

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  34. "Oh I don't know, Sport; You guy's version of Jesus, Chairman Mao, was pretty dishonest and decitful."This is pretty dopey – that's like saying Hitler was the German version of Jesus. The closest East Asian equivalent of Jesus (i.e. a historical figure who defined the tenure and sensibility of a civilization) was Confucius – with the Buddha coming a close second. The influence of Lao Tzu on the people who mattered was negligible for most of Eastern Asian history.

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  38. How is fantasy football even a thing? Seriously. When most of us were in high school, (I’m assuming we’re all 30 to 40 years old here) we’d have tormented the dorks playing games that were fantasy based. Wedgies, swirlies, locker stuffings…etc. Fast forward to now and playing fantasy games where you “draft” players and crunch numbers is the hottest thing going. I so badly want to shout NERRRRRRDS! every time I see fantasy sports being discussed. Yes, I’m apparently of the “Doyle Rules” mindset.

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  44. Hi Theodora! We met briefly in Maasser el Chouf where my friends and I were spending the weekend at Raed’s guest house. Loved hearing about your adventures with your son and since then I’ve checked out your blog to see how Lebanon’s been treating you. Sounds like you’ve been to some amazing spots that I’d love to see for myself — the guest house in Tyre, for example! Do you happen to have Elio’s contact info? We’re in the mood for another weekend getaway and this place sound divine…

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  64. Catching up on the blog from Damariscotta, Maine. It’s been an epic trip, and you are not even half way across the country. It is interesting that whenever you go, you seem to find tolerance and support for marriage equality,and it appears as if the spirit of tolerance has spread to all age groups, it is not confined just to the young.

  65. Just another Leftist coward. The fact that none of the Leftist intellectuals want to debate Spencer, Bostom or Horowitz pretty much tells people they can't argue their position worth a hill of beans.So as Matthew points out they resort to name calling.Just more evidence of the Left being composed of intellectual imposters who confuse emotional agitation with thinking and debating.

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  69. Wowzer – I love this! You have expressed your heart (and I believe God’s heart) for worship very well. And I loved that you moved off of Sunday. Thanks for this. I don’t comment often but am frequently encouraged by your musings – thanks for that also…..

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  72. Very nice track, definitely haven’t heard this one before. You’re right, it’s a mystery that there isn’t more CTI stuff available on rerelease. I’m pretty sure Sony own the CTI back catalogue, and they was never tardy in getting a lot of the old Columbia stuff out there. CTI had great production values and big-name musicians… unless they’ve lost the master tapes (unlikely) it’s weird we can get so little of it today on CD.

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  89. Self esteem, confidence, ego… The worst critic is sadly usually yourself. I like your ending. As you age, your perspective and maturity does change. Very thought provoking. Well done.

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  92. Shannon, I could just cry. I have a space that everyone puts everything into (by everyone I mean me, myself and I…and, occasionally the old boy). It has gone from neat and organized to a mess again. The worst part is I have out of town guests coming in a couple of weeks and would like to have it done for then. I don't think it's gonna happen. Good for you, girl, that you are getting it done- xo Diana

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  110. Fantastic again, Daniel.Mindrider–excellent point. I never considered the size of the Muslim community in Manhattan. Which make such a mega mosque and Islamic Center all the more ridiculous.I see it in two ways–planting a flag so to speak of their perceived victory on 9/11, and an elaborate PR stunt to show people "we're not bad guys."Liberals will always support liberal causes.

  111. It's funny, for such a long time I tried to get my husband to convert to Catholicism before we got married. Now that we are married, I'm pulling away from Catholicism more and more, and Joe's even more committed to not joining any organized religion. So we started as an inter-faith marriage, and we're moving toward being the same faith (almost none). But the only problem we ever had was that I thought he needed to be Catholic. Once I gave that up, even though I'm still Catholic, we stopped having problems there.

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  124. Bee: I wish us mommies didn’t automatically assumed others are judging. It would be nice but I think because theres so much of it we assume you are. For example my sister couldn’t breastfeed but Everytime she felt she needed to justify why. I honestly never judged her for a moment but she felt judged. It sucks. Even if I say “you Do what’s best for your child” or “a happy mommy is a happy baby” but it’s still hard to reassure them that we are sincere. I personally love how everyone does it differently. It puts a whole new perspective on how I can switch it up a little.

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  134. Really great post Sharon!Incidentally, having worked as a bartender for years, I was exposed to plenty of vodka spitting strangers in my time, so that part made me laugh out loud, even though it’s sad that someone suggests a child should be exposed to it.And Kristin, hilarious how that “tantrum in the supermarket” line became the mantra of self-pitying parents everywhere, it just never gets old!

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  136. it was ok to ‘belong before you believe’ so, therefore, they welcomed doubt. They said, ‘we are a big boy church because we aren’t afraid of questions’. And that was true as long as you didn’t start calling yourself believer. Once you crossed that line from unbelief to belief, your questions and doubts were no longer welcome. ‘Big boy church’….I always laughed at that phrase.

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  144. I complain that no one is willing to come and visit me. I will take my problem over yours. I totally understand about the sleep thing. It's one of the reason why I'm done with having more children for a while. I'm so sick of people asking me when will I have the next when obviously my baby is still a baby. Okay she's 1 year old, but still. Good luck with your guests!

  145. The white does look fresh! Being able to change pieces out without being married to them mainly because of their hefty price tag is 1 of the many reasons I LOVE thrifting. Even if I was a rich gal I would still be out there looking for the best deal….at least I would like to hope I would. Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

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